Project specification.

The process

The purpose of the app will be to allow clients (Estate agents) to organise a photoshoot of a property for their own clients, the property owners.

Clients can select ‘ASAP’ or give a preferred time/date for the shoot, but this will be confirmed by GLPS.

A GLPS photographer will perform the shoot, then the photographer will upload the photos to the client’s control panel.  The client will be informed that the project is complete and their photos ready for review and/or download.

This page shows the two areas:

  1.  Booking form
  2. Client control panel


‘Client’ = user of the app

‘Property owner’ = owner of the property for whom the client is organising the photo shoot

1 – Booking form

Photoshoot booking form

  1.  Choose address – ties into the national address database
  2.  Choose property size

Choose a date

  1.  Choose ‘ASAP’ for us to come back to the client with a date
  2.  Choose an actual date if the property owner has given one, but it will still need to be confirmed

Choose services required

Lists available services

Property access selection

Extra info

2.  Client control panel

  1. Log in to their control panel and view their bookings along with the booking status
  2. Filters allow the control panel to be searched
  3. ‘New booking’ button allows client to start the booking process from the control panel
  4. Control panel shows completed projects with a ‘Files’ button allowing client to view their photoshoot files
  5. Client reviews their photoshoot files (clicking on one opens lightbox that scrolls side to side) and is able to download them individually or ‘all’.
  1.  Client to be able to log in to their control panel and see all their projects, both active and completed, with a ‘status’.

2.  Filters allow the control panel to be searched

3.  Clicking on ‘New booking’ allows the user to start the process of booking

4.  When a job has been completed the photographer needs to be able to upload the batch of photos to the client’s account, and the status will change to ‘Confirmed’

5.  Clicking on the ‘Files’ button allows the client to view all their photos and choose them for download